Groundwater flows can greatly impede construction site progress. Construction Dewatering lowers the groundwater table so excavations can proceed unimpeded by those flows. A properly designed dewatering plan for mitigating and temporarily controlling groundwater flows keep a project on schedule.

Wellpoint dewatering involves the drilling and installation of a series of small diameter wellpoints from 1.5”-3” in diameter along an excavation area to depths up to 25’ below ground surface. Holocene then assembles a manifold and vacuum pump system along the wellpoints to remove water the excavation area. Water travels through the manifold and pump system into a separate discharge or recharge system.

Holocene uses a Komatsu hydraulic jetting rig to quickly and efficiently perform wellpoint installation. The small footprint of our equipment makes it maneuverable in tight construction sites where larger equipment is not feasible.  In cases where ground conditions prevent the use of hydraulic jetting, wellpoints are installed using conventional drilling methods such as hollow stem auger. Holocene provides a 4300 gallon water truck to support dewatering projects.

Dewatering Plans

We team with several professional hydrogeologists and engineers to develop site specific dewatering plans stressing technical expertise and client service. We continually train our crew both in the field and in the classroom on the operation and maintenance of dewatering systems.

Holocene’s Vacuum Wellpoint installation system provides a fast, effective and economical dewatering wellpoint option. We partner with contractors and subcontractors to provide vacuum wellpoint installation.

Dewatering Pumps

Holocene uses Thompson and BBA vacuum dewatering  pumps.  These pumps are capable of creating at least 22-inches (Hg) of vacuum across each well point and has a capacity of 810 gallons per minute per 400-feet of header pipe.  They are capable of providing continuous vacuum in the system throughout the length of the project.

All of our equipment is maintained in-house by experienced mechanics. Each pump undergoes a rigorous maintenance program to insure the highest level of dependability before it is delivered to the jobsite. Once in operation, our field crews ensure continuous operation and pump performance by conducting regular field maintenance, including lubrication and equipment inspections.

Dewatering Pump:

  • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8″ Submersible Dewatering Pumps
  • 12” Rotary Vacuum Dewatering Pumps
  • 6” Piston Vacuum Dewatering Pumps