Holocene owns and operates a variety of vacuum dewatering pumps. Each pump undergoes a rigorous maintenance program to insure the highest level of dependability before it is delivered to the jobsite. Once in operation, our field crews ensure continuous operation and pump performance by conducting regular field maintenance, including lubrication and equipment inspections.

Dewatering pump Equipment

* 2”, 4”, 6” submersible dewatering pumps

* 12” rotary vacuum dewatering pumps

* 6” piston vacuum dewatering pumps

* 25 kV generator systems for submersible pump systems

The vacuum pumps are capable of creating at least 22-inches (Hg) of vacuum across each well point and has a capacity of 810 gallons per minute per 400-feet of header pipe.  They are capable of providing continuous vacuum in the system throughout the length of the project and shall located such that the intake elevation is equal to or below the top of the well points.

Applications:  Jetting technology is commonly used rapidly install up to 2” PVC well points from the surface to up to 25 in depth.  Effective in loose, unconsolidated sediments typically with a shallow water table.  Not effective in consolidated sediments, gravels, cobbles, rock.