Direct Push Drilling allows a wide variety of tooling and instrumentation to be advanced into a subsurface using the static weight of the rig, hydraulic down pressure and rapid hydraulic hammering.

Compared to conventional drilling, direct push drilling is less labor intensive with quicker setup time and generates less investigation derived wastes (IDW). Direct push drilling pushes and/or hammers tooling into the subsurface for quick and easy soil and water sampling. Small diameter wells and instrumentation may be installed.

Direct Push technology is also ideal for injecting remediation compounds and solutions into contaminated soils. Holocene has recently added full size and low overhear probe and injection equipment including diaphragm pumps, manifolds and all the assorted hose and valving needed for a successful project.

Applications:  Direct Push is commonly used to perform environmental soil, soil gas and groundwater sampling. It is also used for soil remediation injections, sampling and testing. 

Best used in highly saturated silts and muds, unconsolidated sediments where soil sampling is necessary. Not effective in consolidated sediments, rock, cobbles or coarse gravels.

Rig TypeLengthWidthHeight*Weight
11′5’4″Tower up: 15’6″8,000
No tooling

* specifications are nominal and depths will vary depending on sub-surface conditions