Pre-Drill Utility Clearance 

Holocene provides vacuum truck and air knife services to expose buried utilities prior to drilling. Air knifing utilizes high-velocity air to penetrate, expand and break up soil up to 8 ft. deep. The soil is then removed using a powerful vacuum and placed in 55 gallon drums.

The majority of subsurface investigations occur at commercial and industrial sites where numerous underground utilities may be present.  During drilling, there is a risk that subsurface utilities will be encountered and damaged resulting in loss of utility services, equipment damage, or injury.

Vacuum truck and air knife services decrease the likelihood of such incidents. Our vacuum units are mounted both on trucks and trailers for ease of use in a variety of conditions and project applications.

In addition to safely digging around utilities , vac trucks can also do trenching and set shallow wells.

Applications:  Vac truck technology is commonly used to physically remove sediments from the surface to up to 8′ in depth.  Effective in loose, unconsolidated sediments above the water table.  Not effective in consolidated sediments, gravels, cobbles, rock or where the water table is shallow and mobile.

Rig TypeLengthWidthHeight*Weight
No tooling

* specifications are nominal and depths will vary depending on sub-surface conditions